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Crophouse Ltd is a small consultancy business specialising in 'protected cropping' (growing crops in glasshouses / greenhouses), with a focus is on high-tech glasshouse technology for commercial growers. Services include technical advice, research, data analysis, feasibility study, literature survey, and litigation assistance.

Clients include growers, suppliers, other horticultural professionals, as well as corporates, research institutes, government organisations and publishers in New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands & increasingly world-wide. Projects can be conducted 'remotely' via email and internet.  Crophouse Ltd is based in New Zealand and was founded in 1998 by Elly Nederhoff.




Principal consultant Elly Nederhoff

The principal consultant, Elly Nederhoff, is a qualified researcher and advisor, trained in plant sciences and control technique. She gained BSc, MSc & PhD degrees in Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (specialty Horticulture) from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Her work experience includes employment in renowned research institutes in the Netherlands (until 1995) and New Zealand (since 1995) and consultancy work through CropHouse Ltd in New Zealand, Australia and other countries (since 2000). In july 2013 she received the ’Researcher of the Year award’ from Protected Cropping Australia. 

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Key expertise

plant science • plant physiology • crop management • plant balance

• greenhouse  • glasshouse • technology • control

• climate control • energy efficiency

• optimal growing conditions: • light • temperature • humidity • CO2 concentration

• natural light • lighting • LED • shading

• humidity • disease prevention • fogging • dehumidifying

• CO2 enrichment • carbon management • foot printing • air pollutants

• hydroponics • NFT • aeroponics • water culture • plant nutrition • fertigation

• water efficiency • water treatment • water sterilisation • pasteurization • UV • ozone

• semi-closed greenhouses • climate control • air treatment units • air handling

• 'het nieuwe telen' (energy efficient growing method)

• tomatoes • capsicums • peppers • cucumber • eggplant • lettuce • herbs

• ornamentals • flowers • roses • chrysanthemums • potplants



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