Growing conditions


In high-tech glasshouses nearly all the conditions around the plants can be modified.


Above-ground growing conditions:

 - light (natural or artificial) and shading - for plant photosynthesis and plant growth

 - light (natural or artificial) and shading - for day-length signalling

 - temperature (of the air and of the plants)

 - air humidity (relative humidity, moisture deficit, vapour pressure deficit)

 - CO2 concentration of the greenhouse air


Below-ground or root-zone growing conditions:

 - substrate (soil or a growing medium or hydroponics/NFT, aeroponics, etc)

 - water availability

 - oxygen availability

 - temperature

 - pH (acidity, alkalinity)

 - EC (Electrical Conductivity, a measure of total salt concentration)

 - Availability of each of the macro-elements (N, K, Ca, Mg, P, S)

 - Availability of each micro-elements (Fe, Mn, B, Z, Co, Mb, Cl, possible more)


Other pages will deal with methods, devices and controllers used to modify the growing conditions