• Completed projects  (some examples of work in last decade) 
  • Abbreviations

NL = in the Netherlands;   NZ = in New Zealand;  AU = in Australia  (place where research was done): 

R/A = research report or large article


CO2 enrichment in greenhouses - presenting a series of seminars in Japan  (Oct ’13)


Feasibility study for large greenhouse complex with solar water desalination (’13 - ongoing)


Solar energy available for electricity generation in Netherlands vs Gulf Region (NL,  2013)


Analysing energy efficiency for four large greenhouse experiments (part of a concept that greenhouse

generate solar energy for other users)   (NL, 2009-2011) 4x.


LED light for greenhouse tomatoes. Leader or member of project teams of three large experiments; project management, research, reporting, 10 articles (NL, 2009-2010) 3x.


Energy efficiency in greenhouses in NZ. Large 4-year project including acquisition, project management, energy audits, simulations, reporting, seminars, 50 articles (NZ).


Forced ventilation and vertical temperature gradients in greenhouses, research (NL, 2009).


Water disinfection project: series of practical experiments on UV, ozone and hydrogen perioxide; hands-on research, lab-work, literature study, seminars, 20 publications (NZ).


Plant balance (vegetative vs generative) and how to steer that with greenhouse climate, irrigation and other ways. Desk study, series of articles (NZ).


Controlling humidity in greenhouses: advisory, computer settings, seminars, 20 articles (NZ, AU).


High-level feasibility study for using geothermal heat in greenhouses (NZ, Japan).


CO2 enrichment, advisory, many reports and articles (NZ, AU).


Hydroponic plant nutrition: regular advisory service to several growers (NZ).


Strawberry in hydroponics, especially improving propagation (NL, 2010).


Carbon balance of growing mushrooms in a controlled environment (NL, 2011).


Water foot print of tomatoes in greenhouses vs soil (R/A, 2012).


Labour requirements for growing tomatoes in greenhouses (R/A).


Gradients in temperature and humidity and the use of fans (R/A).


Litigation re crop damage through harmful gases in a greenhouse in Canada.


Litigation in problems re crop damage through various causes (AU) 2x. 


Mediating and technical investigations in a serious commercial dispute (NZ).


Growing ginger in hydroponics (AU).


  • Many workshops / seminars / presentations as invited speaker at growers' conferences
  • in NZ and AU (ca 25x).
  • Articles: ca 200 in various growers’ magazines.  In NL, NZ, AU. See list of Publications



28 Oct '13