Short CV of Elly Nederhoff


Born and bred in Holland (the Netherlands), with glasshouse horticulture in her backyard, Elly Nederhoff developed a passion for plants and greenhouse technology at a young age. She studied plant sciences and control technique and a range of crop-related minor subjects at Wageningen University. In her first research postion, Elly investigated effects of CO2 enrichment on greenhouse crops. This work was adopted world-wide, and earned her a PhD degree. Her other research topics were (and still are) greenhouse control, energy efficiency, CO2 enrichment, effect of harmfull gase on plants, light utilisation (of natural light).


In 1995, Elly immigrated with her family to New Zealand, where she got a 3-year scientist position at HortResearch (now:, involving hydroponics, water use efficiency and water treatment.


Gradually she started her own consultancy business in New Zealand, now called Crophouse Ltd., which became her full-time work in 2000. Elly builds on her strenghts such as analysing, troubleshooting and problem-solving to provide services such as research, data analysis, environmental examinations, special investigations, reporting, feasibility studies or being expert witness in disputes. She accomplished over 200 projects, mostly in New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands and some other countries.


Common themes are tomatoes, climate control, CO2, energy, light, water, hydroponics. Other reoccuring themes are crop damage caused by various mishaps.


Elly feels fortunate to have the best of both worlds. She lives in New Zealand enjoying the lifestyle and abundant outdoors. She also travels to the Netherlands every year and spends some months in the northern hemisphere summer, and usually works some months for a Dutch client (WUR in Wageningen or HAN in Arnhem). Traveling keeps her in touch with the horticultural industry and professional network in the Netherlands and elsewhere.


In July 2013 Elly Nederhoff was awarded the 'Researcher of the year award' by Protected Cropping Australia.


 Researcher of the year (2013) by PCA


CV and references are available on request.


 28 Oct '13